Local Government Councils were established in the province during the colonial era. between 1960 and 1970 these smaller councils were amalgamated into three large Council Areas, namely the Gazelle, Greater Toma and Mengen. East New Britain attaned Provincial Government status in 1976 with sixteen appointed members in the first Interim Provincial Government (IPG). The IPG was later responsible for developing the East New Britain Provincial Government Constitution. The first Provincial Government was formely inaugurated on 3th July 1976. Since 1981 East New Britain Provincial Governments have been very stable with only one attempted “vote of no confidence”.


Legislation and changes in administrative procedures have been made since 1995 to shift the planning implementation responsibilities and finances to the lower levels of Government. The Provincial Government System in East New Britain has been successful basically due to the high degree of understanding by the politicians who have the common desire to see development take place in the province as their prime objective. A mature and harmonious relationship has therefore been built up between the politicians and the public servants.